Morning Star Weapon

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  • Joe Hermosa / Valley Morning Star
    Harlingen Valley Morning Star, TX -
    ... "My assistant driver was the one driving at the time," Garza said. "I had my machine gun with me, we had to carry a weapon.". When ...
  • Tougher Security Touches Down
    Hartford Courant (subscription), CT -
    ... morning and afternoon rush periods, remained short Friday morning. ... for trying to sneak a weapon through was ... man was caught with a martial arts throwing star. ...
  • Slow recovery for woman hurt in Harnett truck-restaurant crash
    Wilmington Morning Star, NC -
    ... Brachear was charged with speeding, failure to stop at a red light, having improper equipment, assault with a deadly weapon and involuntary manslaughter. ...
  • Murder Trial Begins for Former Ky. Officer
    Wilmington Morning Star, NC -
    ... The two men separated, and Newby fled. Schroering said as Newby was fleeing, he made a gesture that signaled he was reaching for a weapon. ...
  • Texas Teen Held in Deadly Sword Attack
    Wilmington Morning Star, NC -
    ... said a teenager used a 2-foot-sword to kill his neighbor during an argument, then struck the man's elderly mother before her relatives could seize the weapon. ...

The morning star was a medieval weapon resembling a mace, but with a large spike on the end and smaller spikes around the circumference. It was also known as the godendag (from the German for "good day") and the holy water sprinkler (from its resemblance to the aspergillum sometimes used in the Catholic Mass).

It was used by both cavalry and infantry; the horseman's weapon typically had a shorter haft than the footman's, which might be up to six feet long. It came into use in the beginning of the 14th century.

The name morning star is often erroneously applied to the military flail (also known as the therscol), a similar weapon, but with the head attached by a short chain. ...


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